In healthcare and other sectors, employee compliance is required to ensure a candidate is fit to carry out the duties within their role. When an agency can provide automated compliance regulation consistent with employees requirements, rights and responsibilities, it makes for a much more efficient operation.

There are a number of methods used to support employee adherence to specific workplace compliance. One common way is to use computer software that monitors employee mandatory courses and training activity online and in real time. If an employee is not compliant to work in a certain position or vacancy, the software will automatically generate a report to management. Management should also be able to see when training and certification are about to expire and can take retrospective action with the employee.

This type of software can also assist recruitment agencies with keeping their temporary workforce up to speed with specific compliances and certification required for them to work within their client organisations. This is especially important within the healthcare sector where required compliance histories and current status for every employee must be recorded and stored in detail. 

However, it is also possible that a compliance overview can also flag up for the employee themselves if they are using a mobile app integrated with the automated software system. This is great news for recruiters or consultants at the agency, not having to chase up temporary staff. The workforce, through the app is empowered to some extent to look after and review their own work certification requirements for their specialised roles.

Training and continued certification compliance
Managing employee compliance is an important part of a staffing agency’s program to ensure mandatory training and certification is correct and up to date. Staff are required to attend regular training sessions in order to keep up to speed with the latest work related training, policies and procedures. The workforce staff is required to pass regular certification tests in order to ensure they are competent in their roles.

In some cases, temporary workers are also entitled to regular performance reviews in order to ensure they are meeting the high standards set by the organisation’s company. This is an obligation for many recruitment agencies employing temporary staff and should be inbuilt into the automated software to flag up at regular intervals.  

Automated compliance processes also help ensure that employees are following recruitment agency policies and procedures. In using robust automated employee compliance procedures, accuracy can assist in avoiding potential legal issues with organisations seeking to fill vacancies.

Recruitment agencies that use a mobile app for automated employee compliances have the advantage of streamlining their processes and ensuring that all necessary employee compliances are met quickly and accurately. Employees can also be kept in the loop as to what certification is required to work shifts within a specific organisation or role. They can view quickly where they are compliant or whether they need to achieve further certification.

Managing employee compliances

Recruitment agencies managing employee compliances with a software solution involving the use of a mobile app is an innovative and relatively new technology. Monitoring compliances in one platform assists in streamlining the process of workforce provision, the recruitment process and service delivery.

The Temp Manager module allows recruitment agencies to track onboarding processes, conduct background checks and manage employee training requirements. In addition, the app can be used to alert employees when compliance certification has lapsed or is due and when a particular requirement has been met. This makes the process easier to manage and simplifies the workflow for a recruitment agency.

It eliminates the tedious process of manually keeping track of employee certification and ensures compliance data is accurate. Drawbacks would include a lengthy paper trail, manually produced ID cards, interviews or other face to face meetings and requires the extra administration time that could easily be otherwise avoided. The time taken to fill posts would be affected along with the client organisation relations.

With an agency providing temporary employees, especially within healthcare settings, any process needs to be efficient and robust. If a worker arrives on location and is not allowed to work due to non-compliance, the workplace can easily become burdened by understaffing and unable to provide the necessary standards the organisation and their patients or clients expect. This could potentially mean that a patient in a hospital is not receiving proper care.

The app provides real-time visibility of an individual’s employment status and allows employers to easily generate and submit reports. Employees can provide selfie shots, ID verification, references and qualifications with a few clicks.

So, as you can see automatic notifications ensure employers are aware of any upcoming deadlines and alerts ensure the compliances remain up-to-date. This kind of software solution can simplify the process of recruiting and retaining competent and qualified employees.

Many healthcare recruiters are using automated compliance tools to identify and monitor employee compliance with workplace obligations. 


The automated employee compliances mobile app also creates an online audit trail, making it easier to monitor employee compliances at all times. This ultimately saves recruiters time and money, improving the overall efficiency of the recruiting process.

You can visit the YouRecruit website to find out more about the  Workforce compliance module. There are many other features included within the platform so go and have a good rummage around the site. Other modules include Temp Manager, the WorkTracker mobile app and Job board multiposting. The site is easy to navigate and there is a comprehensive set of help pages. 

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