Job Board Multiposting

The YouRecruit Job posting module frees you from the time consuming process of filling in the details of a vacancy separately on each job board you wish to advertise. This allows you to spend more time focusing on the tasks that matter.

Simple to use

Consultants simply fill out the details once and indicate the boards on which they wish to advertise. Any subsequent edits only have to be made once and will be automatically sent to each board the job is posted to. Removing a job from a board is as easy as a single click.

Automated job management

YouRecruit updates and refreshes your vacancies on a regular basis in accordance with what each Job board allows. It does so automatically and without your input, keeping your job postings up to date.

Applicant Tracking

Our ATS allows you to track all application responses in terms of sources and categorisation.

Review board performance as well as monitoring consultant application responses.

Manage all compatible platforms

Our Job posting service is tailored for each board individually, we make every effort in ensuring your job content is presented in the best possible format regardless of the platform.

Own site posting

YouRecruit is easily tailored to post jobs to your own company’s website or social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter etc.

Customisable API

We also provide a dedicated API for clients that need to post to their own website as well as a plugin for WordPress clients.

Additional Features

YouRecruit is used for advertising vacancies on multiple job boards all over the world. But that’s not all we do. We find it’s the little extras that help make your lives easier.

Customisable solutions

Providing years of development support, YouRecruit can provide bespoke development services when required.

Managing job credits

Oversee credits on a per consultant basis. Set monthly credit increases and restrict overspending.

Easy to use interface

Consultants can easily add their job content from any sources and modify as required.

Timed postings

Choose a date and time for when your job is to be advertised or removed from public view.

Third Party Integration

YouRecruit have integrated with many CRM services on behalf of our clients.


In the event of any issues, we are close at hand to resolve any problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What our clients say


"ICDS Group have been working closely with NestDesign for many years.

I am happy to say that at all times I have found NestDesign to be extremely accommodating and customer driven, very approachable, and keen to deliver solutions.
Technically they are excellent and yet can communicate clearly with clients who have a lesser technical understanding.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of NestDesign to any client."

Anthony McLoughlin
Recruitment Director
ICDS Recruitment

"Implementing NestDesign's You Recruit software has proven to be an excellent business decision. The System is very simple to operate and is very user friendly. The Team were very quick to respond to queries, explained technical issues in straightforward, layman's terms and have been very helpful and accessible throughout the implementation process. Overall we are delighted with the software and the time saving it has allowed us to achieve."

Case Study

Bernard Rooney


Bond Search & Selection Ltd

We have worked with for many years and have found their product and service to be excellent.

They have added many new features to their product in recent years and they add great value to our business.

The team at are flexible, cooperative and very responsive to any request or requirement for support - they have become a key partner to Hartley People Recruitment and we are delighted to endorse their product."

Fergal Hartley

rtley People

Free trial

If you would like to learn more about how YouRecruit can help you with your Jobboard multiposting or if you would like a free trial, just get in touch and tell us about your requirements.