WorkTracker workshift appointments app

In a rapidly changing world where technology is transforming the way businesses operate, it’s more important than ever to future-proof your business.

With the powerful combination of YouRecruit and the Worktracker workshift appointments app, you can ensure that your recruitment organisation stays ahead of the curve.

YouRecruit is revolutionising the way companies manage their temporary workforce. With its advanced features and supporting employee availability management app, scheduling, compliance monitoring and candidate matching processes are greatly enhanced.

YouRecruit helps you place the right staff at the right time for specific shifts in a fraction of the time taken when using paper based systems.

With YouRecruit and the Worktracker branded timesheet app, you can future-proof your recruitment business by streamlining all of your employee outsourcing processes. At the same time attracting and retaining top temporary staff, optimising your team’s performance and client satisfaction.

The importance of future-proofing your business

In today’s recruitment business environment, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Future-proofing your business means adopting strategies and technologies that anticipate and adapt to changing employment trends and demands.

By implementing YouRecruit and the Worktracker branded timesheet app, you can proactively address the evolving needs of your client organisations and temporary staff, ensuring your business remains competitive and sustainable in the long run.

Investing in innovative solutions like YouRecruit and the Worktracker Mobile App demonstrates your commitment to excellence and positions your recruitment business as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Introducing YouRecruit and the Worktracker Mobile App

The recruitment landscape has significantly evolved over the years, and businesses now face new challenges in finding and managing temporary staff. YouRecruit and the Worktracker workshift appointments app offer a comprehensive solution to address these challenges and future-proof your business.

YouRecruit is a cutting-edge platform that streamlines the entire recruitment process. The Temp Manager module within the platform allows for sourcing candidates for shifts specific to their roles, managing staff availability and scheduling.

Required certification can be managed in a way that keeps everybody compliant and ready on any shifts offered.

The Worktracker workshift appointments app complements YouRecruit by providing a user-friendly interface for temporary staff to manage their workshift appointments and availability, ensuring efficient communication and coordination.

The big boon for this mobile app is that it empowers employees to manage, obtain approval and submit their timesheets on the go. They can manage all of this no matter where they are working, in seconds and at the touch of a button.

WorkTracker branded timesheet app

Understanding the benefits of YouRecruit and the Worktracker mobile app

YouRecruit and the Worktracker workshift appointment app offer a multitude of benefits that can revolutionise the way you manage your temporary workforce.

YouRecruit’s advanced candidate matching algorithms significantly reduce the time and effort spent on manually screening and shortlisting candidates.

The platform intelligently matches candidates’ skills, experience, compliances and availability with your clients’ requirements, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Additionally, the Worktracker branded timesheet app enables temporary staff to easily manage their schedules, communicate their availability, and receive real-time updates on their workshift appointments.

This seamless integration between YouRecruit and the Worktracker staff availability app enhances productivity, reduces administrative overheads, and improves overall operational efficiency. Perfect!

Key features of YouRecruit and the Worktracker Mobile App

As discussed, YouRecruit and the Worktracker Mobile App offer an array of powerful features designed to streamline and optimise your recruitment procedures.

You can manage the whole availability and scheduling processes, candidate onboarding and employee timesheet reconciliation.

Temp Managers’ intuitive dashboard provides real-time insights into your workforce management and methods, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

On the other hand, the workshift appointments app empowers temporary staff with a truly user-friendly interface to manage their workshift appointments, update their availability, and communicate with your team.

The app’s built-in calendar ensures accurate and effective attendance at the correct locations. In app notifications provide a way to inform people on the ground of any impending or sudden changes to shift scheduling and also compliance requirements.

WorkTracker mobile timesheet app

How to implement YouRecruit and the Worktracker workshift appointments app

Implementing YouRecruit and the Worktracker mobile timesheet app in your recruitment business is a straightforward process that can be customised to fit your specific requirements.

Firstly, you need to integrate YouRecruit into your existing recruitment workflow by setting up your company profile. You can then add your employee pool and their personal information, bank details, work radius etc.

The next stage is to create and make available any temporary workshift appointments as advertised by your client organisations. If you are using the app you should invite employees to apply by that means.

Once you have invited your temporary staff, you can provide them with access to the Worktracker mobile app, which can be downloaded from app stores within iOS and Android.

This might mean some training for administration staff using Temp Manager in tandem with employees downloading and using the app, but it will be worth it in the end.

YouRecruit’s intuitive interface and the app’s user-friendly design make it easy to navigate and configure according to your specific requirements.

The YouRecruit development team is on hand to assist with any queries you might have as you implement the platform into your business. Training and support resources are available to ensure a smooth transition and maximise the benefits of using YouRecruit and the Worktracker mobile timesheet app.

YouRecruit employee availability management


Maintaining a competitive edge in the ever changing recruitment sector requires future-proofing your company’s operations.

YouRecruit and the Worktracker workshift appointments app offer a comprehensive solution to streamline your recruitment processes, attract and retain a decent temporary workforce, and optimise your team’s performance.

By leveraging the advanced features and seamless integration provided by YouRecruit and the Worktracker branded timesheet app, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure the long-term success of your business.

Embrace innovation, enhance efficiency, and secure the future of your recruitment business with YouRecruit and the Worktracker staff availability app.

There are numerous modules and user-friendly features that should match your business activities. These include Workforce compliance, Temp Manager, and Job board multiposting as well as the WorkTracker branded timesheet app.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a call if you have any further questions or would want to arrange a demo! Act now!