YouRecruit Staff availability app

Wishing every one of you a very happy and prosperous new year.

As 2024 gets underway, we always like to take stock of the previous year. It enables us to identify our strengths and areas in need of development. As we plan and implement any modifications, we can ensure that users are aware of any updates. 

We post YouRecruit news articles on new features and upgrades to the system, as well as frequent posts about how the WorkTracker mobile timesheet app can help your business.

The fact that the needs of our clientele is expanding is fantastic! We aim to provide a safe, efficient, and expert service to all of our existing clients. We endeavour to provide a warm welcome for new and potential businesses.

We are always updating and developing YouRecruit. We value customer feedback on how we can optimise and expand the service. Our ongoing objective in 2024 is to provide a significantly improved user experience.

We’ve been hard at work enhancing our range of features and modules. We have made many other improvements in the past year, here are just some:

New features

  • Offering employees automated suggestions for added workshifts.
  • Allowing employees to pick their favourite work sublocations.
  • Applying minimum break times per organisation.
  • Importing shifts from HealthRoster via Excel file.
  • Ability to create shifts by trusted employees directly in the app.
  • Enhanced STE Rate calculations
  • Ability to manage the same Employees from two separate companies.
  • Enhanced jobs posting database structure.

Plans for new year 2024

  • STE Rate ranges to allow different pay rates and charge rates based on long term working.
  • Adding more service connections for our clients.
  • Two way communications within the apps.
  • Integrating long term events to the apps.

In terms of cost and effectiveness, making YouRecruit the most effective software for managing staff availability is our primary objective. We also want WorkTracker to be the ideal shift appointment and branded timesheet app.

We appreciate all of your support over the past year, including suggestions, recommendations. All feedback is welcome.  We are excited to work closely with each of you once more in 2024!

Along with the branded WorkTracker app, YouRecruit includes numerous modules and efficient features that will satisfy your business requirements. Temp Manager, Workforce compliance, and Job board multiposting are among the essential modules.


Please let us know if you have any additional queries or would like to schedule a demo. We would be pleased to set up a call!

You can use our online form to get in touch. We can have you up and running in no time. 

Best wishes from all of the YouRecruit team!