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Trying to keep everyone on the same page can be difficult. Therein lies the problem and a possible answer. Pages, paper, stationary, spreadsheets, filing, more paper! The absence of a tried-and-tested efficient digital system raises a number of challenges.

Getting everyone in for regular team meetings, lots of phone calls, troubleshooting schedules and finding the right qualified people. I better stop there, I’m sure the message is clear, if not, written down somewhere, probably a post-it!

Luckily with our YouRecruit platform and the slick WorkTracker staff availability app for the employees you can keep the rubbish down and the shredder silent. Read on!

Managing Staff Work Availability and Ensuring Workforce Compliance with YouRecruit and WorkTracker Mobile App

Managing staff work availability and ensuring compliance requirements is vital for any recruitment company or employment agency with a mobile workforce. With the YouRecruit and WorkTracker mobile app, managing your workforce is straightforward.

YouRecruit and WorkTracker offer a seamless solution for keeping track of your staff work availability and ensuring compliance with regard to company and legal requirements. As well as being able to manage employee compliance items, this powerful platform allows you to efficiently manage employee schedules, timesheets, track attendance and monitor performance, all in one place.

By efficiently managing these essential tasks, it frees up valuable time for both employers and employees, enabling them to focus on the critical areas of their work. Elevate your workforce management game with YouRecruit and the WorkTracker mobile app. Simplify the process of tracking staff availability and compliance with a user-friendly interface and intuitive features.

Stay organised, save time, and ensure workforce efficiency with YouRecruit and WorkTracker.

The Importance of Staff Availability and Workforce Compliance

Staff availability and workforce compliance are crucial aspects of running a successful recruitment company or employment agency. Ensuring that you have the right people available at the right time is essential for meeting client demands and delivering quality services.

Additionally, compliance with company policies and lawful employment requirements is necessary to avoid potential legal issues and maintain a positive reputation. However, managing staff work availability and ensuring compliance can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with a mobile workforce.

Consultant managing temporary healthcare employee compliance on laptop and smart device

Streamlining Staff Availability with YouRecruit

YouRecruit offers a comprehensive solution for managing staff availability. With this mobile app, you can easily create and manage employee schedules, ensuring that you have the right staff members available for each shift or assignment.

The intuitive Temp Manager interface allows you to view and update schedules in real-time, making it easy to make changes. YouRecruit also provides automated notifications and reminders to staff using the app, ensuring that both employers and employees are aware of their upcoming shifts and any changes in the schedule.

In addition to managing schedules, YouRecruit enables employees to set their availability preferences. This feature allows staff members to indicate their preferred shift hours, days off, and any other availability restrictions.

By considering these preferences when creating schedules, you can improve employee satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of scheduling conflicts.

Ensuring Workforce Compliance with WorkTracker Mobile App

YouRecruit in conjunction with the WorkTracker mobile app helps you ensure workforce compliance is in line and current. This is a centralised platform for efficient employee availability management. Employees can quickly take action in managing relevant compliance items as they are notified through the app.

From training certifications to other official requirements, you can easily track and monitor the compliance status of each employee. YouRecruit allows you to set up custom compliance workflows, ensuring that all necessary steps are followed for each compliance item.

Through WorkTracker the employee will receive automated alerts and notifications, reminding them of upcoming compliance deadlines and expiry information. This feature helps to ensure that all employees stay up to date with their obligations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues.

The app also generates comprehensive compliance reports, allowing you to quickly assess the compliance status of your entire workforce.

Consultant at laptop managing employee compliance requirements

Features and Benefits of YouRecruit and WorkTracker Mobile App

The YouRecruit and WorkTracker mobile app offers a range of features and benefits that can greatly simplify your workforce management processes. Here are some key features and their corresponding benefits:

  1. Employee scheduling and availability management: Easily create and manage employee schedules, ensuring optimal coverage and reducing scheduling conflicts. Employees can set their availability preferences through the app, improving satisfaction and reducing absenteeism.
  2. Timesheet management: Efficiently track employee attendance and work hours, simplifying payroll processes and ensuring accurate compensation for hours worked. Employees are empowered to complete their own timesheets on the go.
  3. Compliance management: Centralise and automate compliance tracking, reducing any potential risk. Customisable compliance workflows ensure that all necessary steps are followed.
  4. Automated notifications and reminders: Keep employees informed about upcoming shifts, schedule changes, compliance deadlines, and other important items and events. This feature improves communication and reduces the likelihood of missed or forgotten obligations.
  5. Performance monitoring: Track and monitor employee performance metrics, enabling you to identify reliable people, address underperformance, and make data-driven decisions for workforce optimisation.
  6. Mobile accessibility: Employees can access all of their relevant information on the move through the WorkTracker employee availability management app anytime and anywhere. This feature allows employers and employees to stay connected and updated on the go, improving flexibility and efficiency.

By utilising these features, you can streamline your workforce management processes, save time, and ensure workforce efficiency.

How to Implement YouRecruit and WorkTracker Mobile App in Your Organisation

Implementing YouRecruit and WorkTracker in your company is a straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Evaluate your employee availability management needs: Identify the specific pain points and challenges you currently face in managing staff work availability and ensuring compliance. This assessment will guide you in determining which features of YouRecruit and WorkTracker are most relevant to your organisation.
  2. Let us know your requirements: Have a think about your organisational requirements and let us know. We can then discuss the specifics and tailor a package that best aligns with your organisation’s size and requirements. We can offer different levels of functionality and support.
  3. Set up your account: Create an account for the YouRecruit and WorkTracker platforms. You will need to provide necessary information about your organisation and configure settings according to your requirements.
  4. Import employee data: Import your existing employee data onto the platform. This step ensures that all employee information is accurately reflected in the system. This also simplifies the onboarding process, some of which new employees can do through the app.
  5. Configure schedules and compliance items: You can do all this through the Temp Manager module. You will find many features and helpful characteristics to support your requirements and usage of the app with your employees.
Doctor with temporary nurse employee using the WorkTracker staff availability app in hospital building

They may be some other steps you need to take, we can discuss everything with you should you decide to move forward.


In conclusion, integrating the YouRecruit with WorkTracker staff availability app is an efficient and effective way to streamline your systems and compliance management processes. By leveraging this software, companies and agencies can enhance workforce management. You will also improve scheduling accuracy, and ensure optimum compliance with regulatory requirements.

This collaborative approach not only benefits your organisation but also empowers employees by providing them with more transparency and control over their schedules. WorkTracker also empowers employees to manage and submit their timesheets autonomously. Overall, this integrated solution offers a comprehensive and user-friendly system to manage staffing needs effectively.

In addition to the Workforce compliance module, there is the WorkTracker branded timesheet app. Other core modules include, Temp Manager, and Job board multiposting.
There are many other intuitive features within YouRecruit, perfect for employee availability management.

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