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Embracing a new digital solution can be daunting after you have been used to operating a paper-based model for a long period of time. Digital timesheets provide substantial advantages that are worthy of consideration.

However, with the emergence of innovative mobile timesheet apps such as WorkTracker, embracing the digital transformation becomes increasingly enticing.

Along with a host of other digital tools, YouRecruit and the WorkTracker staff availability app offer the convenience and accessibility of mobile timesheets, revolutionising the way businesses manage and track employee hours and remuneration.

This article aims to highlight the substantial advantages of adopting digital timesheets, shedding light on the benefits that may have been previously overlooked in favour of the familiarity of a paper-based system.

With the YouRecruit workshift appointments app, organisations can seamlessly transition from a cumbersome model to a user-friendly and efficient digital solution designed to optimise their recruitment processes.

By leveraging the power of mobile technology, YouRecruit allows users to access the platform anytime, anywhere, empowering both employer administration and candidates to engage in a more efficient, transparent, and convenient timesheet process.

Here is a list of the main advantages for employees using the app, as opposed to carrying around a paper timesheet in their bag:

Enhanced Accessibility and User-Friendliness

Mobile access Employees can log hours from any location, thereby supporting a mobile workforce and remote flexibility.

A user-friendly approach when using the YouRecruit Worktracker mobile timesheet app – Modern Online timesheets are designed for ease of use, encouraging timely and accurate entries. You can also be sure that employees have involvement in not only entering shift times but also the approval and submission of each timesheet after the shift has finished. Or alternatively allow remote online access with the option to digitally review and approve timesheets.


Reduced Material Costs – Paper, printing, and storage costs are eliminated with digital timesheets.

Decreased Labour Cost – Automated systems reduce the time HR and accounting departments spend on processing timesheets, which lowers labour costs.

The WorkTracker branded timesheet app

Improved Accuracy and Consistency

Automated Calculations – Online timesheets reduce the likelihood of human error in tabulating work hours and overtime.

Standardisation – Digital solutions offer uniform branded timesheet templates that can be used company-wide, providing a professional image, as well as the overall improvement in consistency, time tracking, salary and invoicing.

There will be a substantially reduced rate of incorrect timesheets and invoices due to our mobile timesheet app digital solution.

Manual signatures are almost impossible to verify nowadays (especially when scanned and submitted by email) and our digital solution can remove this issue from the process by ensuring a verified user has completed their timesheet.

Timely and Reliable Data Collection

Real-Time Tracking – Online timesheets provide instant data on employee hours, facilitating swift management decisions.

Historical Data – Digital storage of timesheet information simplifies the tracking of historical trends and employee performance over time.

Streamlined Operations and Productivity

Swift ApprovalsWith paper timesheets, approvals can be delayed, but online systems allow for immediate submission and approval.

Reduced PaperworkEliminating physical timesheets reduces administrative burdens, allowing staff to focus on more productive tasks. No more, files, folders, two-hole punches or Acco clips!

Security and Compliance

Secure Data – Online mobile timesheet app systems come with enhanced security features, protecting sensitive employee data.

Regulatory ComplianceDigital records facilitate compliance with employment laws and auditing requirements due to their accuracy and accessibility.

The WorkTracker mobile timesheet app

Enhanced Integrations and Adaptability

Payroll and invoicing integration – Online timesheets can seamlessly connect to payroll systems, ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time as well as making sure clients are invoiced correctly with greatly reduced error rates..

Scalability – Digital systems can easily adjust to a growing business, contrary to the manual readjustment that paper timesheets require.

In conclusion, the shift from paper-based to online timesheets brings with it a modernisation of the workplace that aligns with the digital age’s demand for accessibility, efficiency, and data-driven management. 

This transition not only streamlines internal processes but also supports a company’s overall growth and adaptation to the evolving business environment.

YouRecruit and the WorkTracker branded app are perfect for temporary recruitment agencies and other businesses with large mobile workforces.

There are numerous modules and user-friendly features that can be tailored to your specific company requirements. Temp Manager, Workforce compliance, and Job board multiposting constitute just some of the essential modules within our workshift appointments app.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a demo; we would be pleased to set up a call!

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