Temporary nurse staffing has been a challenge for healthcare organisations for decades. The constant need for qualified and reliable nurses, coupled with the ever-increasing demand for healthcare services, makes it difficult for employers to keep up. Fortunately, innovative solutions like the YouRecruit platform are changing the game for shift work involving healthcare staff. With its unique features, including real-time tracking of nurse availability, automated scheduling, and streamlined communication, YouRecruit WorkTracker is making staffing headaches a thing of the past. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how this game-changing platform is revolutionising agency temporary nurse staffing and what it means for the future of healthcare.


The traditional problems with temporary nurse staffing

The traditional process of hiring temporary nursing staff is often fraught with challenges. Healthcare facilities typically rely on staffing agencies, which can be expensive and time-consuming to work with. Agencies may not have enough staff available to meet the facility’s needs, or they may not have the required expertise to match nurses with the appropriate skillset to the specific needs of the facility. Additionally, communication can be a challenge, with scheduling changes and updates often being delayed or missed, resulting in confusion and frustration for both the facility and the temporary staff.

Another challenge with traditional temporary staffing is the lack of real-time visibility into nurse availability. Client organisations are often left in the dark about the availability of temporary staff, which can make it difficult to plan and schedule appropriately. These challenges can result in staffing shortages, reduced patient care quality, and increased costs.


How YouRecruit WorkTracker solves these problems

YouRecruit is an online platform that offers an easy and efficient way for healthcare facilities to find and hire temporary nurse staff. The platform has several unique features that solve many of the challenges associated with traditional temporary staffing.

One of the primary benefits of the YouRecruit WorkTracker app is its real-time tracking of nurse availability. This feature allows agencies to quickly and easily see which nurses are available for work, making it easier to schedule appropriately. The platform also uses automated scheduling, which streamlines the process of scheduling temporary staff. This automated process eliminates the need for manual scheduling, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Another key feature of the YouRecruit WorkTracker app is its streamlined communication capabilities. The platform enables the agency to communicate with temporary staff quickly and easily, making it easier to relay scheduling changes and updates. This communication is critical in ensuring that temporary staff are aware of organisational needs and in the end provide high-quality patient care.

A Real-world example of successful temporary staff scheduling with YouRecruit WorkTracker

YouRecruit WorkTracker has been used successfully by many healthcare recruitment agencies across Ireland and the UK. One such agency Bond Healthcare reported that their client organisations were having difficulty finding qualified temporary nurses and found that communication with the staffing agency could be delayed or missed. This can potentially result in staff shortages and increased costs.


What Bond Healthcare had to say

“Implementing NestDesign’s YouRecruit software has proven to be an excellent business decision. The System is very simple to operate and is very user friendly. The Team were very quick to respond to queries, explained technical issues in straightforward, layman’s terms and have been very helpful and accessible throughout the implementation process. Overall we are delighted with the software and the time saving it has allowed us to achieve.” 

Bernard Rooney, Director, Bond Search & Selection Ltd

Features and benefits of YouRecruit WorkTracker

YouRecruit WorkTracker offers several features and benefits that make it a valuable tool for temporary recruitment agencies, streamlining the processes involved when filling short term vacancies within healthcare facilities. 

Here are a few of the key features:

  1. Real-time tracking of nurse availability
  2. Automated scheduling
  3. Streamlined communication capabilities
  4. Easy-to-use interface
  5. Customisable scheduling rules
  6. Comprehensive reporting capabilities

The benefits of YouRecruit WorkTracker include:

  1. Improved temporary staffing efficiency
  2. Reduced staffing shortages
  3. Increased patient care quality
  4. Reduced costs
  5. Streamlined communication with temporary staff
  6. Customisable scheduling rules to match specific facility needs


How YouRecruit WorkTracker is changing the game for temporary nurse staffing

YouRecruit WorkTracker is revolutionising temporary nurse staffing by offering an easy and efficient way for recruitment agencies to onboard new people and promulgate vacant shifts to existing staff. The platform includes unique features, including real-time tracking of nurse availability, automated scheduling, and streamlined communication capabilities. These capabilities have made it easier for agencies and organisations to schedule temporary staff and ultimately provide high-quality patient care.

Additionally, YouRecruit WorkTracker’s customisable scheduling rules allow to match nurse grade skill sets with specific compliances, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. 

Conclusion: Why YouRecruit WorkTracker is the solution for temporary nurse staffing

YouRecruit WorkTracker is changing the game for temporary employee staffing. It offers an easy and efficient way for healthcare recruitment agencies to employ, develop and schedule shifts to the temporary workforce.

The platform’s unique features, including real-time tracking of nurse availability, automated scheduling, and streamlined communication capabilities, have made it easier for facilities to schedule temporary staff and provide high-quality patient care.

The customisable scheduling rules and comprehensive reporting capabilities also provide our clients with insights into their temporary staffing process, enabling them to continually improve their temporary staffing process.

With future developments and improvements in the works, YouRecruit WorkTracker is poised to become the go-to solution for employment and recruitment agencies specialising in providing temporary shift workers within healthcare settings.

There are many supporting features and different modules to suit your business requirements within YouRecruit. These include Temp Manager, Workforce compliance and our Job board multiposting modules. Our help section provides comprehensive instruction and explanation on all of the elements that make up the platform. These pages contain many supporting graphics, different features and scenarios.

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