Bond Healthcare – Case study

Bond Healthcare have been using the Work Tracker app since the service was first launched.
During this period of time our business has enjoyed significant year on year growth and we were recently named “Best Temporary Agency in the UK”.
Put simply, these achievements would not have been possible without the Work Tracker app and the associated back end platform Temp Manager.

Prior to our decision to use Work Tracker, we reviewed and trialled a vast number of competing software products. What became apparent very quickly was that Work Tracker had a far greater range of customisation options which provided us with the flexibility to run our business based upon our decisions rather than have processes imposed upon us. Furthermore, it had the ability to interact with our own third party software packages, resulting in the seamless flow of data through all our systems with minimal human interaction.

Our business has worked very closely with YouRecruit for almost 20 years. This relationship has been maintained due to the exceptional talent of YouRecruit and their world class team of software developers. We have had multiple products and features developed in recent years and the quality of their work has been second to none.

I’m certain that YouRecruit will be a key business partner for the next chapter of our growth and I’ve no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Bernard Rooney
Bond Healthcare Ltd

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