The WorkTracker mobile app allows employees to enter their hours worked into the app timesheet when the shift has been completed as well as collecting a written signature from the employee’s supervisor if required.

This makes the process easier for the employee and gives them control over the management of their work shifts while reducing the administrative time for the client and consultant. This also dramatically reduces the consultants workload as it removes the need to go through  emails and search for timesheets sent by employees.

The system will ensure that any enforced shift break times required as per a certain role are entered into the timesheet. The app can also validate that any data is correct. This minimises the potential for any data entry errors.

These features greatly reduce the time taken to complete, approve and submit a timesheet.

This removes the need for paperwork or indecipherable handwriting and the margin for error is greatly decreased.

When timesheets are quickly approved and submitted with the correct information, it provides clarity and confidence for employees consultants and client organisations.

The employee is also able to submit their timesheet without an internet connection. The data will simply be submitted once a reconnection has been established.