View Open Shifts

A Consultant can propose a suitable shift for specific employees allowing them to respond instantly.

When a consultant has proposed a shift you can instantly review and decline or accept the offer accordingly in the app. When the employee responds the consultant is notified instantly and they can then assign your shift. The app is very easy to use and makes the whole process much less time consuming.

You don’t have to respond immediately. You can always go back to the work calendar and see if the shift is still available or has been assigned to someone else. This removes the need for any additional phone calls or other communications.

If the shift is still available you can apply and the consultant can allocate and close. When your shift is confirmed or rejected, you are notified by the phone notification to make sure you have up to date information.

You can also view other details such as shift start time, GPS coordinates for your work location and any contact numbers as well as many other features.

You can also search for any open shifts using the in app menu. You can refine the details of your search, review and apply for any shift that is available to you. This can dramatically reduce the time consuming process when an employee wishes to view what shifts are available as they always have a full list of open shifts provided.