Health Roster Shifts Import

Handling the export and import of work shifts directly into YouRecruit.

Import Shifts from Health Roster

YouRecruit offers a facility to import shifts from Health Roster. 

Depending on your usage, Health Roster may also be known to you as Allocate, Allocatesoftware, RLDatix, Allocate Optima or HealthRoster BankStaff.

You can simply login to your Health Roster account, apply the filter you require and then press the “Export to Excel” icon in the top right of the page. This will download a file into your computer.

Then in YouRecruit – edit the Organisation, mouseover “Others” and click to “Health Roster Excel Import”, you will see a popup where you can upload the file and press the Import button.

You will see the list of shifts (potentially with errors in the last column).

In most scenarios, the error will be missing either a role or location. In these scenarios, you would need to edit the Roles and add an alternative name to the role. Or edit the location (or sublocation) and add the alternative name there.

You can reimport the shifts once you add the alternative names.

If there is an error in the import, it will not prevent you from importing other shifts. So if you have an import with 10 shifts and one shift has an error, 9 shifts will be successfully imported.

The shifts are mapped into YouRecruit based on the Request Id and if the shifts are updated in Health Roster, it will also update in YouRecruit (e.g. when shift date, the time from or time to changes).

If the “Staff” column is filled in, then YouRecruit will automatically search for this Employee and will assign this employee to this shift.

Adding the alternative names is quite straightforward (although it might take some time in the beginning). After this first mapping period, the shift import will be very quick.

You might be also interested in our Import Shifts API service.

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