Import Shifts API

Through our dedicated API clients can view shifts available and ultimately fill the positions.

Import Shifts API

YouRecruit offers a public API which allows for importing the shifts into YouRecruit from any external resources. All that is necessary is to have the data in the correct format.

The API can import one shift per request or multiple shifts in one organisation within one request.

This API can also accept the name of Assigned Employee which allows automatically assigning the Employee to the shift.

The data can be submitted as JSON format (preferred) or standard HTTP POST. 

Each Request must be submitted with an authentication header that will authorise you with the access to data within your company.

It is possible to use the YouRecruit IDs, but from our experience it is usually too complicated to reach on the third party side. So we have made it also possible to use just the names and YouRecruit will transfer these names into the required IDs automatically in the background.

Example of the data for importing a shift into YouRecruit:

      "organization_name": "Hospital Name",
      "shift_status": "open",
      "shift_code": "abcdef123",
      "location_name": "Location Name",
      "cost_centre": "cost_centre",
      "date": "24/5/2023",
      "time_from": "08:00",
      "time_to": "16:00",
      "role_name": "Nurse",
      "employee_name": "Jerry Smith",
      "placement_count": 1

If the import is correct, we will respond with success 200 HTTP code. If there are any issues, we will report code 400 and give the details of what was not valid in the response.

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"ICDS Group have been working closely with NestDesign for many years.

I am happy to say that at all times I have found NestDesign to be extremely accommodating and customer driven, very approachable, and keen to deliver solutions.
Technically they are excellent and yet can communicate clearly with clients who have a lesser technical understanding.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of NestDesign to any client."

Anthony McLoughlin
Recruitment Director
ICDS Recruitment

"Implementing NestDesign's You Recruit software has proven to be an excellent business decision. The System is very simple to operate and is very user friendly. The Team were very quick to respond to queries, explained technical issues in straightforward, layman's terms and have been very helpful and accessible throughout the implementation process. Overall we are delighted with the software and the time saving it has allowed us to achieve."

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Bernard Rooney


Bond Search & Selection Ltd

We have worked with for many years and have found their product and service to be excellent.

They have added many new features to their product in recent years and they add great value to our business.

The team at are flexible, cooperative and very responsive to any request or requirement for support - they have become a key partner to Hartley People Recruitment and we are delighted to endorse their product."

Fergal Hartley

rtley People

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