Privacy Policy overview

YouRecruit provides a dedicated customer & relationship management service, for HR and recruitment agencies/services, allowing real time tracking and timesheet management under your own dedicated account.

YouRecruit also provides a dedicated vacancy posting and applicant tracking service for recruitment agencies / services.

Your privacy matters to us, whether you are new to YouRecruit, or a long standing user, please take the time to get to know our practices – and if you have any questions, contact us.

These services are provided to you or the entity that represents you by YouRecruit, according to our Terms and conditions in addition to the YouRecruit Privacy Policy.

Use of YouRecruit services provided by the Website and Apps, signifies your acceptance of the present Privacy policy and general terms and conditions of our services. If you do not agree with the present Privacy policy or terms, you should not proceed or use YouRecruit services in any manner.

This agreement is provided to protect the rights of all types of users and that of YouRecruit and to ensure that all users are aware of their responsibilities as well as their obligations.

The information uploaded onto YouRecruit is for all separate user types and is the responsibility of the relevant users.

YouRecruit recommends all users show appropriate diligence when managing sensitive data.

YouRecruit takes the security of your data very seriously. With this in mind, we chose a leader in cloud computing services, Amazon AWS Web Services.
All YouRecruit live data is stored within Amazon AWS located in Dublin, Ireland (EU).
Our data is also fully backed up on a daily basis.

We use third parties services like Amazon AWS, google analytics, ticketing system, etc which might gain access to a limited portion of your personal data – see more on Information we share with third parties.

All data entered into YouRecruit is managed by the company, and we guard it closely. We do not sell any of your information. We want to be fully transparent on how we collect and use your data, so please read on for more details.