When you have an Internet connection, the response is submitted instantly and your consultant is able to see it immediately. 

If you are without an internet connection, the app will store the timesheet locally and then try to send it again once a connection is re-established. So in most scenarios, the data will be sent in the background. 

However, on some occasions, the mobile platform might not allow the app to automatically resend the data later on (when the app is closed). This can vary based on the app usage, battery life and phone settings. In this scenario, it may be necessary to restart the app again in order to resend the timesheet data.

If you want to be sure the timesheet data has been sent and completed, you can go to the Menu and then My Shifts and you will see the button to upload the timesheet. When you press this button, the timesheet is automatically uploaded straight away.

If there is any potential error (e.g. timesheet was deleted from the server in the meantime), a message will be displayed.