The Company settings page is the main settings page for your company that affects many parts of your YouRecruit account. Scroll down to the bottom of your Dashboard and click on the Set Account Preferences button. You will find Company Settings half way down this page.

Fields for Employees – Fields that can be set in the Employee profile page.

Fields for Organisation Profile page – Field that can be set for the organisation page.

Employee Registering Checklist – Simple checklist steps you should carry out before an employee starts working for you.

Company settings

  • Fields – The main area where you specify which sections of the YouRecruit system will be required.
  • Status Flow – Different statuses that will be possible to set within each timesheet.
  • Location position – Your main office location.
  • Employee work area – You can set multiple areas that will define where your employees can be located. This is important for preventing mistakes when using automated location searches.

Availability statuses – Where you can specify various periods of availability for employees.