Welcome to YouRecruit! 
The Yourecruit platform allows you to manage your temporary employee pool with ease. Our service is used by Staffing and Recruitment agency administrators and consultants. Temporary employees also have their own dedicated app called Worktracker. The app is fully integrated with the Temp Manager service providing instant communication with the agency. The app is available branded to your company identity. 

YouRecruit Temp Manager
Our Temp Manager module allows you to manage all relevant employee availability in one place. Onboarding, selecting employees and pre-assigning shifts can be completed quickly with no fuss. You can also manage all of your client information and their shift work requirements.  

YouRecruit Job Posting
Advertising job vacancies on multiple job boards including the use of social media platforms can be achieved with a simplified posting process. You can also monitor and track candidate applications in real time. The YouRecruit automated tracking system (ATS) will allow you to free up valuable administrative time and use less resources. 

The YouRecruit employee WorkTracker app
Your employee can download your own branded WorkTracker app, view any work requirements and assign their availability straight away. Any pre-assigned shifts can be confirmed at the touch of a button. Employees can also specify dates that they are available or unable to work. The app also allows for a simple and efficient onboarding process as well as monitoring their own compliance status.

For employees working within Healthcare and many other sectors, where proof of workforce compliance is required, the task of managing work related compliance can become an overwhelming and time consuming process. With YouRecruit you can automate and manage many of your workforce compliance preconditions, training and important certification effectively within the platform.

Useful links to get started
Standard Daily Activity gives the consultant an overview of what they would normally be doing on a day to day basis.  

Administrative settings provides the administrator with a detailed breakdown of the key aspects for managing organisations and employees.

Whether you are an administrator or an agency consultant, you will quickly become accustomed to specific terminology used within the platform.