Note: Only company admins can manage the Users. Users are also known as Consultants.

Click the YouRecruit logo (left top) and then Users in the submenu.

In the main Dashboard click on Users on the left hand side of the page.
In the submenu click on the blue Add New User button. This will bring you onto the Edit User page.

Add new User

You will now see a list of fields where user details can be inserted such as forename, surname, phone, email, address (Username is the email address).
You can select the User Type by clicking on the radio buttons for either Company Administrator or ordinary User.
Sub users (Primarily for the posting module – can be ignored if using Temp Manager only).
The last Modules field provides you with a dropdown menu where you can select which module you require. (Job Posting or Temp Management).

User types – Set the user type as per the table above. This field will not appear for Company Admins. Click on the information icon to the right of the User type dropdown for more info.

User Types

YouRecruit Temp Manager supports the following user roles:

User Type User Permission
  • Has full access rights within the account.
  • This includes creating, modifying or deleting users.
  • Can perform all functions within the Temp Manager module. 
  • This includes setting roles, rates, creating, modifying or deleting employees and organisations. 
  • Can do all that is permitted by Finance users.
  • Similar to Manager
  • Without an access to STE Rates settings. 
  • Can review timesheets, all reports and process exports.
  • Can review summary data.
  • Can do all that is permitted by Standard users.
  • Can create work events, employees and enter weekly timesheets.
  • Cannot see the financial reports.
  • Can do all that is permitted by Timesheet Coordinator and Compliance Administrator.
Timesheet Coordinator
  • More restrictive user type, has more limited permissions.
  • Can view, edit and approve timesheets. 
  • Can also upload timesheet files and expenses.
Compliance Administrator
  • More restrictive user type, has more limited permissions.
  • Can review and approve employee compliance
  • Can view, edit and approve compliance items for employees that are assigned to them.
  • If the company has the Users see all employees setting enabled then they can manage all compliance.


If you are unsure which user type to apply for a colleague, we would suggest assigning the user with standard access. If you later find this user type unsuitable or wish to increase the level of access for the user, you can simply select another user type with more appropriate permissions.