This page defines which requirement will be required for which role and therefore which employee.
If the mapping is set to yes, then on mouseover it is possible to edit the more detailed options in the popup.

It is also possible to click to show mapping multiple if you want to assign the same changes to multiple mappings (e.g. reset the Selected users).

Popup detail settings

Allow confirmation – Which Consultant has permission to confirm the compliance details.

Admin only – Only administrators have permission to approve compliances (this is the default setting and the most secure. This should be updated to the proper settings as Admins should not be part of the executive procedure).

Selected Users – When this option is selected, a list of the consultants appears where multiple consultants can be selected. Only these consultants (and all admins) will be able to approve the compliances.

All Users – Any consultant is able to mark the compliance as approved.

There is also a list of requirement fields that can be overridden from what is set in the Requirements list. This is seldom used.