Timesheet missing STE rates calculation - error is displayed

If you see this error message it means that the STE rates were not entered or set correctly at the time the timesheet was filled. As a result, the calculations could not be completed. In order to rectify this you need to carry out the following steps (just mouse over the timesheet and click to the info icon):

1. First check that there are no Calculations in the table. Press Recalculate STE Rates which will create new calculations within this timesheet (this could resolve the problem if the STE rates were set in the meantime).
2. If still not fixed, check if the STE Rate Group in the table is displayed – if not, then the STE rates are not set within the organisation. If this is the case then go to the Organisation edit page (click on the organisation name) and set the STE Rate Group. Then return back to the timesheet detail and try to recalculate.
3. If still not fixed, click to the selected STE Rate Group and check if the rate is selected for the role specified in the timesheet. If the role is missing, you will need to set the rate for it. Then return back to the timesheet details and recalculate.