Google Sheets External Compliance allows you to update Compliances with data stored in a Google Spreadsheet. This means you can have a Google Spreadsheet that can be shared with your coworkers or supplier. Here you can track the compliance status of your employees for specific Requirements and then by clicking a single button import these compliances into YouRecruit. If required, YouRecruit can automate this.

Google Sheets External Requirement Setup

To use Google Sheets for compliance updates follow these steps:

  1. Set up the Google Account integration (see more info below) 
  2. Edit the Requirement settings and set the External Requirement to Google Sheets, several new options will be displayed.
  3. The Google Sheet setting button will open a lightbox where you can set up the Google Sheet settings. Once set up, select the setting in the Google Sheet dropdown within Requirement edit.
  4. Choose the Google Sheets settings in the dropdown.
  5. If the name of the requirement is different in Google Sheets, you can set the Google Sheet Requirement name that is to be used to identify the current requirement inside the Google Sheet. Please note a single Google spreadsheet can contain Compliance data for multiple requirements.
  6. Now you can press Test Google Sheets settings to confirm if all is correct.
  7. Make sure you do not forget to set the Requirement roles mapping.

Google Sheet settings

Note that Google Sheets settings are not available until your company Google Account is set up.

To add new Google Sheets settings click the Add Google Sheets settings button and fill in the following fields:

  • Setting name – What the setting will be called in YouRecruit
  • Spreadsheet ID – ID of the Google Spreadsheet where the Compliance data is located
  • Sheet name – The name of the Sheet where the Compliance data is located
  • Employee email column – The title of a column (located in the first row of the sheet) that contains employee email that is used to uniquely identify the employee in YouRecruit
  • Requirement name column – The title of a column that contains the name of the Requirement
  • Compliance active date column – The title of a column that contains the date from which the compliance is valid
  • Compliance status column – The title of a column that contains the status of the compliance (if Pass compliance is imported or otherwise skipped)
  • YouRecruit status column – The title of the column that contains the YouRecruit import status (if an empty compliance is imported or otherwise skipped). 

Processing the Spreadsheet

When the spreadsheet check is processed, YouRecruit checks for all of the rows that have an empty value in the YouRecruit status column. If the compliance is imported, the status is updated to Processed. If there is an error, the status is updated to the error message – eg Unknown employee email. If anything has been changed (either an updated email in the spreadsheet or the employee’s email in YouRecruit), delete the value in the YouRecruit status column and process the Spreadsheet again.

You can manually update the compliance from Google Sheets using the Update Google Sheets compliances button in the Requirement edit or on the individual Compliance Detail using the Update Google Sheets compliance option from the Others submenu.

If you require automatic updates please contact YouRecruit support.

Google Account integration

First you have to connect a Google account to your company.

This should be done by an administrative user who has access to all spreadsheets that contain the compliance data. This user does not have to own the spreadsheets, but does need to have edit privileges.

To get started, go to the Company Settings page and find the Manage Google Account button. When you click it, a lightbox will be shown with the current status of your Google integration.

Initially, only the button to Authenticate is available and by clicking it go through the standard Google Authentication process (this is where you give YouRecruit approval to access your Google Sheets). Your Google Account will be connected to YouRecruit. Once authenticated the lightbox will display the latest connection status with the option to revoke the authentication. 

YouRecruit does not receive any access details to your Google account. We only store a permission token with rights to edit your spreadsheets.