The Employee profile page is the central point of all information about the employee.

In the submenu, you have links to other features related to this employee:
Employee availability – Ability to review the availability set for the employee.
Employee events summary – List of the shifts connected to the employee and where they were working.
Others > App logins – Will display if the user is active in any app and when the app was last connected
Others > History – List of the changes made to the employee profile.
Exports – This feature will allow you to export the employee profile information into the fully customised Word document. This needs to be enabled by the company administrator via the Company settings page (otherwise the default template export can be found in submenu Others).

Main employee fields include (this may differ based on your company settings):
forename, surname, phone, email, address, id, PPS number, NI Number, bank, emergency name, emergency phone, allergies, visa, etc.,

Role – each employee can be assigned multiple roles. These will then define which shifts will be offered to the employee.
If you want to change the status from active to inactive, there is an arrow down beside the Save button which will open the option for you to change the status.

Employee Status types

All employees in Temp Manager have a status type that dictates employee permissions.
The following status types are currently available:

  1. Active – An employee who has been approved by a consultant can login to the website and has full access to the app.
  2. Registered – A newly registered employee who has not yet been approved by a consultant, can login to the website and has full access to the app.
  3. Interviewed – A registered employee who has been interviewed, can login to the website and has full access to the app.
  4. Inactive (Closed) – An employee that is not actively working anymore cannot login to the website. Additionally after a period of time, sensitive information about this employee is removed. You can learn more in our Privacy policy. When the employee has finished working for you, make sure you change their status to Inactive so they are no longer in the active list.
  5. Banned – Has no access to either the website or app, employee information is stored indefinitely.
  6. Parked – Employee that was temporarily put on hold, has no access to either the website or app.